Young Environmentalists Programme Trust proudly awarded Womens Achievers on 7th March at Rodas ecotel,Powai for their dedication towards the society, art, education, films, theater, environment, film, medicine and culture.

Tanya Satish, Celebrities Adam Bedi, Nisha Hirala Bedi, Dolly Thakore, Bina Aziz, Elsie Gabriel, Sofia Hayat and Daniel Chatterton inaugurated the event which saw over 300 women gather to celebrate womens day with full gusto.

Veteran theater personality Dolly Thakore praised the Young Environmentalists for such a powerful and emotionally charged event saying,

[quote]I am proud to be part of this gathering,women follow your dreams and work hard at them.Iam also inspired by all the other awardees which really makes this mega event so fruitful.” Dolly went on to narrate her journey through her theater and media experiences which inspired many in the crowd.[/quote]


Dolly Thakoree receiving the Young Environmentalists womens achievers award at rodas ecotel powai 1

Says Elsie Gabriel founder of the trust hosting these awards for the last eight years in the city,

[quote] Powai witnessed deserving women receive the coveted “Women’s Achievers Award” by the Young Environmentalists Programme Trust in association with Rodas Ecotel. International Women’s Day is an important time to recognize both the achievements of women and the leadership that women provide. By recognizing the outstanding achievements of women the Young Environmentalists not only provide role models but also encourage the community to nominate women for honour.”[/quote]

Young Environmentalists Programme aims at educating environmental leaders of tomorrow today, by creating an environmental awakening and education among the citizens of our country. For the last eight years they have recognized leading women who have made a positive difference in the community and stood out as enigmatic leaders. Many have made grass root level efforts, others have campaigned nationwide, some have contributed to policy making decisions by the government and some simply have gone all out to garner public support with out a flinch, none the less all have devoted time and effort in making our world a better place for others!


Some of our Awardees this year

Dolly Thakore for Theater

Bina Aziz for art

Kiran Manral for Author,

Jyoti Mhapsekar for strategising ragpickers in Maharashtra

Sunita Bhuyan for classical instrumental music

Abha Narain Lambah for Architecture conservation

Aditi Lahiri for animal welfare

Rinki Banerji for animal welfare in societies

Preeti Sagotra for disabled successful working woman

Raageshwari Loomba for Music and healing

Dr.Anita Soni for Gynaecology

Leena Mogre-fitness

Salma Sheik for unorganized vendor segment

Aarti Vijay Gupta for fashion entrepreneur

Sofia Hayat for fighting for animal rights for PETA

Nisha Harale Bedi social Activism

Manasi Parekh Gohil for best TV actress

Roshini Mazumdar for fighting off goons to protect animals in New Panvel

Abha Singh for Director, Postal services

Rita Abraham for law

Bhawana Somaaya for best Bollywood journalist

Shilpa Singh for representing India as Ms Universe and social work,

Dr.Rekha Sapru, chief of Cancer association

and Dr. Mithu Alur for lifetime work dedicated to disabilities.


Sunita Bhuyan came on stage along with her Mother in gratitude of everything she is today as she received her award and enthralled the crowds with her violin recitation. The function brought tears to many on stage and in the audience as each woman shared her struggles and her achievements.Dr.Anita Soni won the hearts of the public with her simple message from the heart.




Dr Anita Soni awarded by Young Environmentalistssofia hayat winning womens award by young environmentalists trust at rodas ecotel





Preeti Sagotra recieved her award for being an independent lady despite being disabled.


Salma Sheik vegetable lady awarded for representing India at Rio, and Kenya..



The Young Environmentalists Programme is a non profitable trust which works to help citizens, leaders of environmental organizations recognize and take full advantage of their ability to make a real, significant and lasting improvement in the quality of the future of the world and young adults by educating and equipping them with environmental expertise.[/box]

Voiced Daniel Chatterton of Greenteam Rodas,

[quote]It is wonderful to welcome achievers who inspire.By sharing their success more women will reach for the stars.” Truly , the theme kept at the event was that of Gandhiji’s- ‘Be the change that you would like to see’ was clearly apparent at the apt gathering celebrating Women’s Day together.[/quote]

Nisha Bedi voiced,

[quote]”It is when we women realize that we are equal,we are free and we can multitask and take on the world shall we all be truly free.”[/quote]

Nisha had taken up the petition of Mumbai women with the Chief minister to enable women to have a safer world at all hours.Although she is a choreographer she also helps empower women at all levels.