Eco cleanup and eco Immersion ends eco Ganesha festival at Powai. The Eco Ganesha festival started with the eco idols making workshops which used  clay from the Mithi river and Powai lake as well as ordinary garden clay , educating people how easy it is to create one’s own idol.Distributing cloth bags and educating cicitzens not to throw plastic garlands and thermocol into the lake as also part of the eco immersion programme conducted by the Young Environmentalists team this year.The festivities came to an true eco end.
[box type=”info”]Young Environmentalists programme team cleaned the Powai lake ghat post visarjan on Spt 12th from 7am to 10am and segragated the bio degradable and non biodegradable. [/box]
[quote]”The public still use plastics and synthtic flowers, thermocol, waste food  and plastic bags along with the idol visarjan and discard on the roads during processions and post immersion.Cloth bags should be used to take back all non biodegradable materials to be disposed off well.” Said Elsie Gabriel while cleaning the ghat and sweeping the JVLR Powai roads with her team.[/quote]