YOGA & LAMAZE (Prenatal Care) IN POWAI

YOGA & LAMAZE (Prenatal Care) IN POWAI

Dr. Rolly Sapru is a Yoga Therapist and  Ante Natal Care Specialist  (LAMAZE and CAPPA), she has been in the field of fitness and Yoga for last 15 years. She enjoys doing Taichi and is a licensed (PADI) Scuba Diver.

[quote]She conducts yoga programmes in  HiranandaniGardens, Powai for general fitness and  Therapeutic needs. She is a corporate Yoga Trainer and conducts workshops for Corporate houses. She was previously residing in south Mumbai and still practices there.[/quote]

Her Antenatal specialisation of Lamaze and CAPPA, alongwith YOGA expertise assists her in guiding the expectant parents to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and childbirth, in keeping with the latest globally researched trends to avoid unnecessary medical interventions, rather than blindly following the prevalent medical practices.

She also offers Preconception Counselling and Yoga, to the couples who wish to start family.


[box]An alumni of Kaivalyadham, she has studied various yoga traditions and integrated them and evolved her own style of yoga practice-Patanjali’s  Ashtangyoga, which has a very holistic approach.[/box]

Ashtangyoga, is a blend of flowing vinyasa-style yoga poses with a special focus on total breath awareness and precision of alignment.

Her classes contain sun salutation series, standing, balancing, seated, and backbending poses, as well as some inversions along with Pranayamas. Deep relaxation and silencing of the mind completes the session.

[quote]The practice of Ashtangyoga encourages development of awareness of self, each class is a journey from external activity to drawing inwards to connect and tap into the inner eternal energy and to channelize it.[/quote]

The Yoga session starts in the morning at 6am and has all the participants fully motivated and enthusiastically coming for an early morning session to get charged up for the day.

Therapeutic Yoga

Sessions are also provided for specific chronic problems like – Back pain, Cervical pain, Obesity etc.


Prenatal Yoga programme helps pregnant women sail smoothly through their pregnancy keeping fit and healthy and working towards natural birthing.

Pregnancy Care Programme is the Educational Programme which prepares  both the parents for the pregnancy.

  • Providing Informational, Emotional and Physical support to expectant parents.
  • Teach healthy birth practices that promote safe and healthy birth.
  • Addressing fears and building confidence.
  • Providing knowledge and information to make informed decisions regarding the use of interventions and medications during pregnancy and childbirth.


Conception today is also a major issue among the young couples.

Our present lifestyle leads to a lot of unnoticed stress which manifests itself in many ways disrupting our lives and leading to unwanted conditions.

Preconception Yoga is a programme of deep relaxation and energising the pelvic region to  release the  stress and activating the whole system by putting it back on track.

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