By Tanya Satish.

Women Achievers awards ceremony is an initiative created by the Young Environmentalists Programme trust,now in its tenth year the awards ceremony was packed to hall capacity with applaud after applaud. Every year it aims to recognise and acknowledge a whole range of women from quiet achievers to high performers across a range of sectors – whether businesses, public sector organization, education, charities or community groups, theatre or films,social work or architecture ,police or government. Each awardee every year stands out as a role model, showing passion and determination, and  an inspiration to other women. Rev.Bishop Bosco Penha, Niranjan Hiranandani, AGM of Meluha Punish Sharma,Actress Kunicka Sadanand, Perizaad Zorabian, Dipannita Sharma and Devieka Bhojwani and actor Vishal Verma,Supermodel Diapnnita Sharma and director Divya Kumar inaugurated the women achievers awards in Powai.

Says Elsie Gabriel, Founder of the Young Environmentalists programme trust, “We have recognized  leading women who have made a positive difference in the community and stood out as enigmatic leaders. Many have made grass root level efforts, others have campaigned nationwide, some have contributed to policy making decisions!”

Meet Seema Adgaonkar the woman who has almost hit half a century today, turning 50 years but a hard core forest officer keeping oil spills at check, mangroves from being destroyed and destruction debris from being dumped at jungles, as a government Forest officer Seema walks bravely through jungles and wild animal ridden forests to protect environment. For her living on the wild side excites her….Then you have Rajeshwari  Kori who was India’s first lady officer to on a war ship full of men at sea to protect In  dia,  Magaret West from Asia Pacific region who heads the World animal protection group, Saroj Parmar who promotes handmade textile weaving till today keeping the fire of traditional Indian culture alive  since the Gandhian era,these, Moon Moon Mukherjee, Asha Hegde, Amy Billimoria, Divya Kumar and many other 15 more who have survived the overdoze of modernism, fate, poverty, digital world and opposition from home and family to survive and become woman achievers …….

This celebration  honour women from all walks of life! International Women’s Day is an important time to recognize both the achievements of women and the leadership that women provide. By recognizing the outstanding achievements of women the Young Environmentalists  NGO and the green 26 times award winning Meluha the Fern ecotel partner every year to bring these women to the fore, highlighting and awarding them from all corners of the globe. Theses women not only provide role models but also encourage  the comm unity to&n bsp;nominate women for honour.