Yesterday was the mother of all traffic Jams on JVLR – POWAI Stretch,  as people who were traveling from Powai to JVLR were stuck on the roads for hours because of two trucks transporting some heavy industrial machinery had almost completely blocked the road.

[quote]Why only the VVIP’s in this country are given freeway on our roads, what about the common man who leaves home for work, to put in some good work, and what about little kids who were stuck in their school buses getting toasted by heat? what about pregnant woman on the way to work. Why weren’t we informed in advance about this mother of all traffic Jams. Why couldn’t these heavy machinery be transported after midnight?[/quote]

Nikhil has mentioned in this comments on FB, that the trucks are parked inconveniently on the other side of the road today, and I can read tweets from people traveling towards Powai being stuck in the Jam today.

Pictures by Nikhil Soman

This is completely dehumanizing and humiliating on the part of the traffic administration of this city and giving preference to some industrial machinery which was greased to move on these roads at peak traffic hour.

[box]Below are the tweets of some of the people who were stuck on JVLR yesterday expressing their frustration.[/box]