Why Scoop the Poop?

Why Scoop the Poop?

Animal-human coexistence is an important and healthy balance for the society. Animals and birds are nature’s gift. We need to look at ways to protect not only our pets, but also the not so fortunate roadies.
Group of us animal lovers are taking the initiative to bring forward solutions and suggestions that may help in forming a kind of discipline regarding pets and strays.

Why Scoop the Poop?
Being clean and green starts at home. Having pets and caring for them should also include giving them as well as us grounds that are free of excreta. Please pick up after your pets. And please educate your walkers/ staff to do the same.

How and what to feed the strays?
Doing a good deed makes a difference only if done the right way. Feed the street animals as it’s your birthright as a human to live in harmony and compassion. That means ensuring not dirtying the streets with littered feeds. Be a responsible feeder. Use bowls and paper that can be picked up and thrown or carried back, leaving our streets free of litter. Please avoid biscuits as they are strewn and thrown all over and remain uneaten. Biscuits also give rise to mange in dogs and cats. Mange is like a definite result of sugar in biscuits. Please avoid.

Why you need to register for feeding animals and birds?
Please be a caretaker/caregiver that makes a difference . Let’s reach out and ensure good food and responsible feeding routines are followed. You may write to powaicitizen@gmail.com
and register and once all people reach out we can connect and form a body of care givers.

Whom to call to help with strays?
Incase of hit&runs / sickness/ sterilisations in our complex of community animals please call IDA help lines. 93200 56581
Building cats can get sterilised through IDA as well. We can guide you how to help in controlling the population of street animals.

What do we propose to do?

1. Educative posters and placards will be distributed to all societies of Hiranandani.
2. A list of dog walkers, dogs and owners is being sourced.
3. Poop scoopers is an idea that has been implemented in many communities.
4. Dog parks and feeding rules are been worked on.
Bird feeding has reached monumental proportions of littering while feeding. Large bowls will be provided in areas that people feed birds. These can be filled with grains for all birds. The pooping of birds is not collectable so if birds have collective feeding they fly away after feed and do not linger. Thereby keeping the sidewalks and water fountain areas clean.

Help us in co-existing in harmony and hygiene . Compassion doesn’t need to be a dirty word.

Inputs from dog whisperer Niki Gandhi.

To volunteer/ donate/ queries please mail to powaicitizen@gmail.com
Subject: #co-existence

COP Monica Bisht