Client- Centric Fee-Based Unbiased Financial Advice

Oak Tree exists to help individuals and families achieve financial freedom and peace of mind through knowledge-driven and responsible financial planning. We at Oak Tree do a full need assessment and based on such factors, as risk tolerance, time horizon, investment goals etc. build an individual financial plan based on your requirements. We consistently monitor your portfolio to ensure that your requirements are being met.

At Oak Tree, we have a very clear vision of what financial planning really should look like. It’s about your life not just your money. Your money is the tool to enable you to live the life you want to live.

We encourage you to dream and then stay with you on your journey to making your dreams a reality. We base your financial plan around your goals and ambitions.
We help and guide you on with every aspect of your financial planning. From managing your monthly budget to designing and monitoring your investment portfolio.

Since everyone is different, we understand and we respect that. We look at you as an individual and give you the time and environment to explore what it important to you.

It’s only when we know what is important to you, can we put in place a financial plan to achieve
your life’s goals and ambitions. That’s why we call what we do as Financial Life Planning.

We believe that the main purpose of financial planning is to assist clients with their financial needs in a way that frees them from worry, and allows them to go enjoy their lives. In other words, we try to help our clients to PLAN better, INVEST smarter and ENJOY life more.

We offer an initial no-cost, no-obligation Get Acquainted Meeting, either on the phone or in our offices. For Get Acquainted Meetings, appointments are scheduled based on availability during regular business hours of 10-5, Monday through Saturday. Expanded office hours are available to accommodate special needs. Should you decide to engage our services, we can discuss which of our services are appropriate for you.

Most clients find the financial planning process to be stimulating and enlightening. The end result, of course, is greater peace of mind. We look forward to helping YOU build a brighter financial future!


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