Please note this is not an attempt to shaming any Parents or the school, but I found this outrageous statement by the principal of Podar school in Hindustan Times.

It is said nowadays, “Not having money is the biggest shame”. But on what basis does the principal of the school say that 80% of the Parents give cheque which bounces as an excuse for asking for cash Rs 1000 on the sports days (in spite of the demonetization and the severe cash crunch).



The Hindustan Times article hasn’t mentioned the name of the school, but from the tweets doing the rounds, it is evident that its Podar school, Powai. Most of the parents would be scared to talk about this in the open, but it is our moral responsibility to reflect what’s happening in the society.

Below is the snapshot of the Hindustan times article form its epaper.



Updated on Sat 19th 10.57 am

Following the report, the school issued another circular on Thursday morning allowing parents to pay the entire sum online. “
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