“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it” – Estee Lauder

Flexible Workspaces have become a preferred way of working over the traditional offices. In fact, people working from home or out of a coffee shop like freelancers, entrepreneurs, home workers and startups are now beginning to opt for a space which operates on flexible timing along with maintaining the professional feel of an office. Because no matter the extent to which anyone promotes flexible working by just making a space available for short durations, a professional environment is a must to focus on the business and increase productivity. And talking about such a workspace reminds me of OfficingNow.

OfficingNow,headquartered in Powai, is India’s leading portal dedicated exclusively to those who can benefit from flexible working and helping them in every step of their “Officing” journey. They also have a user friendly android & iPhone app that packs a punch with its powerful search and book functionality – that lets you choose the workspace of your choice in a single click. Their workspaces are a blend of flexible and disciplined environment that promise a state-of-the art features and professional facilities and backed by expertise that will help you choose the right workspace for your need.

“OfficingNow rightfully boasts of the variety and quality of workspaces they offer, considering their portfolio that includes Serviced offices, training rooms, conference rooms, coworking spaces, virtual offices, and business centres, all on a single platform!”

What tops their list are the hot desks at one of their upbeat venues in Powai. These hot desks, 94 to be precise, are housed in a centrally air conditioned ultramodern ambience that ensures soft board, ample storage space, multiple plug points having an uninterrupted power supply, high speed internet connection, security cameras and a well equipped cafeteria. All these facilities make this particular venue a hot favorite among startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs, thereby making it a hub of talented minds where interactions and networking happen galore..

Apart from this, there are interview rooms which are essentially small discussion rooms to seat 4 people; different team offices for small teams of 3-4 persons or larger teams; elegant conference rooms for 6 people; executive offices; single-seater cubicles; and manager cabins to have closed-door, confidential chat with the client.

What’s more, these workspaces are available on hourly, daily and monthly basis totally suiting your need and cost.

Shared spaces like OfficingNow are picking up, majorly, with startups for the following reasons:

  1. Professional workspace – as mentioned earlier, anyone who needs to focus on their work and multiply their profitability will require a disciplined space to work from. And these attributes are critical for a startup to sustain themselves. A shared space has everything that a startup would need given the variety of workspaces that it offers and the professional feel of the venue.
  2. Low cost – with the flexibility of booking workspaces according to the number of people and time frames – on hourly, daily and monthly basis – the math proves that renting a shared space incurs minimum expenses.
  3. Logistics – not only do startups find themselves a professional workspace on low rents, OfficingNow, and similar shared space providers, come well equipped with professional facilities like WiFi with 3G/4G signal speed, power backups, multiple power points compatible with your gadgets, phone and fax lines, photocopiers, well lit with central air conditioning; and basic amenities like a cafeteria, clean toilets, safe parking and theft-secured premises.
  4. Hassle free – the availability of the above three enables people to focus on their business and growth rather than waste time on unproductive matters of office space and maintenance. The convenience that happily tags along a shared space attracts startups.
  5. Networking – a shared space, being a hub of talented, bright minds with different expertise, provides a great opportunity to connect, bond and share. Conversations and networking are abuzz in a shared space that encourages knowledge flow of latest trends, strategies and ideas.

And collaborating with OfficingNow will check all the above mentioned pointers, promising you a courteous, convenient and cost-effective deal. Not only do their workspaces look official, their dealing is also very professional with no hidden agendas or cost, thus making OfficingNow the most preferred shared space provider. They also offer instant booking services to take care of your last minute meetings. Use their mobile app or website to know more.