What happens of Rochelle after she is moved off from Hiranandani streets?

What happens of Rochelle after she is moved off from Hiranandani streets?

I first heard about Rochelle (Renu Rathi an ex-model) from Mumbai mirror. Rochelle has been living on the streets of Hiranandani for almost a month (source Prakash Wadkar, Operation manager of Hiranandani Commandso & STF). Then late last night I got a call from Sunil Agarwal, a powai resident , urging me to look in to this.

Pic: from Mumbai Mirror

After finding her on the streets, under the tree today (near chilli’s restaurant). I sent a message about her location on FB . A couple of people turned up. Suman Basu and Minoo Mantri then decided to talk to the girl. They requested few stores so she could use the loo, after a couple of refusal, she was given permission to by one of the restaurants. She was given some tea and water. Suman also arranged for a haicut and shampoo on a condition that she talks to her. Rochelle appreciated the gesture and was full of grattitude, she kept hugging and kissing Suman hands and asking her not to leave.Suman had to leave as her mom was in Hiranandani Hosp, after that Minoo tried talking sense to her, but I guess Rochelle again did the same thing with Minoo. She reprimanded me and shouted “give us some space” and I didn’t have any intention of hanging around so I left.

After looking at Rochelle or rather Rochelle looking at me, (she has a peircing gaze, she looks at you inside out, I beleive she is a good judge of character). I felt she was sure about what she was doing, more sure than anyone of us, probably. She has nothing to loose, no? She is too independent to be constrained in a hospital or a remand home. It’s seems like she is here to rough it out and probably become a model.

[quote]What happens to Rochele (Renu Rathi an ex-model) after she is off Hiranandani streets?[/quote]

Last I heard was from Mr. Prakash Wadkar (Operation manager of Hiranandani Commandso & STF) that they have found trace of Rochelle parents.

These are some questions which come to my mind?

What happens to her after that, is something we will never know. I hope Rochelle gives up her stubborn attitude and let people help her.

  1.  What is so fearful that she doesn’t want to return home?
  2.  Why she prefers the insecurity of the street, rather than going back to her parents or guardians?
  3. Does Rochelle has a choice to live on the streets? Are we ready to let her face the dangers of the street? Is she going to be forcibly sent back to home? (she is not a minor).