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I have often wondered how handwriting analysis work? How can someone speak about the character, behavioural pattern and skills of an unknown person just by seeing their signature or a piece of handwriting, with such perfection? The curiosity has made me learn this science and leave a high profiled job that I was doing for 20 years. Graphology which is often called as the science of Handwriting analysis is the most precise  way of knowing the self . It give you immense knowledge about your skills  and qualities  that you feel a window of opportunities are opened in front of you.

It is the science that everybody should learn in this modern world, which  ultimately help them reduce the trial and error they do in life. Apart from becoming a professional graphologist  one can also use this science in there respective profession or in any area of specialisation.

Your handwriting is the graphical representation of your brain vibration. When you write something or put  your signature , these brain vibration are transmitted to your hand , through your nervous system and you represent it in the form of writing.  Graphology can be effectively  used in medical science , criminology, recruitment process, Human Resource development, child development, family guidance, career guidance, signature verification , marriage alliances and a lot more.

IMG_1078To provide you the knowledge of handwriting analysis , we are conducting weekend batches on graphology from Powai, Mumbai . You can attend a free session of handwriting analysis and understand its implication in your personal and professional life . Interested people can contact us on 9892143766, or visit our website www.jashankbabu.com