Hiranandani gardens has the most welcoming architecture. It has one of the broadest streets in Mumbai. There are benches for people to sit which line the streets. Yes the design of the gated community was made for residents but it attracts huge number of visitors from other places of Mumbai.

There is again the floating population of working people and students from the colleges. Eden Soceity (or old market lane) is where the blue collared workers hang out for a cutting chai or a vada Pav. There is also college students from SM Shetty who spill out on the same streets. Other places with high end cafes and restaurants are for the money salaried class. College students are going to hang out. But the class difference makes the residents uncomfortable. They are the masses, how do you make sure they don’t feel comfortable?

Bang – Idea – Let’s put up spikes so they don’t have place to sit. The people who came up with this idea probably didn’t think the following

1. People can sit on their bikes and do what they want.

2. They can sit in their car and do what they want.

3. Who is responsible if some child or an elderly trips on the same and in grievously hurt?

What will Eden Soceity do then? I condemn this unfriendly move by the Soceity. This is regressive architecture and not what we should be encouraging.

Images by Ajoy Singh via twitter