At the recently held Eco Ganesha competition in Powai , Rashmi Savant of Culture Aangan Holidays addressed the children. She spoke to the children about the importance of saving our environment and preserving our cultural traditions.  For her tireless efforts as a social entrepreneur, she has been awarded the Konkan Ratna and features in many a publication in India and abroad.

Here is the Culture Aangan story in her own words,

“Holidays for us were synonymous with going to visit our home town. As the bus turned a corner we would strain our necks to spot my smiling grandfather standing at the door of our ancestral home and wave out to him. The next two months of our summer holidays would pass away in bliss. Afternoons were spent in the aangan (courtyard) helping our grandmother make papads and  lazy evenings watching all our aunts weave the aaboli garlands on banana fibre.

Today, in this hedonistic life style, I realise that if there’s anything that keeps me grounded it is those childhood memories of my grandparent’s home: running amok in the aangan, climbing the mango trees, drawing water from the well, blowing into the funnel to light fire to the wood, the aromas of early morning.

My own parents migrated to Mumbai in the early sixties. For my children the grandparents’ home is another city home in Mumbai. I have often felt the anxiety within me to give those childhood experiences that I had to my city bred, mall driven kids. This anxiousness led to the idea that is Culture Aangan! “

Culture Aangan is not just rural home stays. It is that and much more. Culture Aangan is a reconnection with our inner child; Culture Aangan is rediscovering our roots. We endeavour to allow all these experiences to flourish. It is to realise that a day can be spent without gadgets.

Culture Aangan experiences are simple experiences which range from learning to weave garlands to fishing expeditions with the fishermen, to donning the mask and performing in the folk theatre, to just aimlessly cycling, swimming in the river, swinging from the trees to just lazing on the chatai in the afternoon or running barefoot on pristine beaches. It is gorging on the delicious, traditional recipes and not feeling guilty about the calories. All this you can do while staying with the local family.

Culture Angaan currently offers holidays in costal Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Get to know India beyond the tourist circuit; Culture Aangan will make your trip unique and truly memorable!

While you relax and enjoy the rural experience be assured that all homestays have the highest standards of comfort and hygiene suited for international travellers.

We have developed a full range of activities to suit the different interests our guests from traditional arts, culture, history and nature, all of which benefit the local communities. Your Culture Aangan holiday is a responsible holiday.

Together we will promote sustainable tourism and care for the environment.

Staying with the rural family and understanding a way of life so different from ours, Culture Aangan experiences help in forging new friendships. It is home coming!

So, take in a Culture Aangan experience and rejuvenate your life!


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