Wake-Up on the Hawking Issue Before it is Too Late!

Link: Planet Powai Online

By: KP Shah, Birchwood

Powai – 27 January 08 : I am surprised to read Dr. S. Pathak’s letter in ‘Planet Powai’ dt:13.01.2008 in response to my open letter addressed to Mr. Hiranandani on hawker’s issue, in your earlier issue dt:31.12.2007.

I am glad that many residents are concerned on the issue and feel upset as I am. Your Community Newspaper has given us an opportunity to vent our opinion and to create ripples among the residents and think tanks on the issue.

I will not go in to the past incidents to find out fault of any one’s action nor should the intensions be. The need of the time is to work out properly thought strategy and to prepare line of action.

We need to understand that the issue is to be fought on two different grounds. One is in the courts and second one is with the politicians and government. Both calls for different approach. Courts needs facts, figures, evidences and factual presentation of lapses and loop holes in declaring Hiranandani roads as hawking zones. Where as presentation to government and politicians calls for protest, banners, placards and use of our vote bank power.

Both actions should be separate and simultaneous, but need to start. Societies or Association of societies need to fight in the issue involving developer with them. My intension in the previous letter was to give a wake-up call to both of them. The issue will call for huge expenses on lawyers’ fees and legal expenses. Fighting separately for the same cause does not make any sense, we need to put combined efforts. Internal problems should be kept aside, time being.

Using your medium, once again I request both of them to wake-up in the matter before it is too late.