We has been to Waffle junction which is on the first floor of the Powai Galleria,Hiranandani Gardens,Powai.We did not like the way the

waffle was prepared.There were two people running the show.The lady beind the counter did not know what to put on the waffle , which would vary depending on the order your place.
Either too much of honey or the syrup would be was poured on the waffle,end result was a soggy waffle.The entire waffle eating experience was a disaster.
Please do no go there with your friends or family.Its not worth it.
There was a Icecream waffle, we were wondering what that would be, it turned out to be one big scoop of chocolate icecream on top of the waffle.How does one eat it then…??? was clueless with all the things there..People who prepare the waffle are ametuers.

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