Vivero Powai celebrated the Literacy Week from 9th to 13th of September. The objective behind celebrating this week was to introduce the children to literacy related activities, in turn honing their reading and writing skills albeit in a fun way. The highlights of the literacy week were the below mentioned activities conducted across various classes.

My favorite story & book swap – Children narrated their favorite story to their peers and later swapped their books with their classmates. To create awareness amongst children about the importance of an ‘author’ five different story books written by Eric Carle were selected and read out.

Story bag – Each child was given a bag with different toys in it like vegetables, puppets, cars etc. Children were encouraged to build up a story around the objects and each one of them spun a beautiful yarn displaying their creative instinct.

Phonic activity – Based on ‘The Silly names’ song, this activity children had to substitute the first letter of their name with any other letter of their choice and try to say their name with that letter using their phonic sound knowledge.

Dress up – Children came dressed up as their favorite story character and enacted a story, with dialogues written with the help of the teacher.

Parents as partners – Parents conducted different activities reiterating the literacy week concept. They enthralled children with story telling that involved puppets, stick figures, flash cards and voice modulation at the right places.

Apart from these activities a ‘Reading galaxy’ was created in the classroom where a star was added to the galaxy to represent each book read by a child. Games, quizzes, treasure hunts and various art and craft activities added to the fun and learning.