burrp Can't resist chocolates… want some fresh homemade chocolates delivered at your doorstep? Try some of the irresistible chocolates by Vinnis.. They are simply great chocolates that don't cost a bomb and offer a variety of truffles, nuts and flavoured chocolates. The incredibly priced chocolates will come to mind whether it's Diwali ,Christmas, return gifts for birthdays, gifts for customers , employees.. basically for every occasion and everyone. 

The chocolates are in different shapes for different occassions… Santa, Christmas tree etc for Christmas and Cartoons like Winnie the Pooh, Scooby Doo etc for kids.They come in all sorts of innovative varieties in eye catching packaging…special packaging options also available for Christmas. It is rightly said that photographs speak louder than words… check out a few of the snaps at www.vinnischocolates.comcanebasket
Unlike branded chocolates, these are not mass produced. Each of the chocolate pieces is exclusively handcrafted as per your order, thus ensuring the finest quality chocolates are delivered by Vinnis. When you taste one of the handmade chocolates, you will immediately realize the freshness in every bite…  A taste that is due to the hand making processes and cannot be reproduced using factory techniques.
To sum it up in 2 words -  "Addiction Guaranteed"… Don't say we didn't warn you 🙂
To get addicted – call 99200 83324