VIDYA runs the Mumbai Marathon!

“To educate and empower less privileged women, youth and children through integrated methods and to bring about progressive social change” — stands the mission statement of VIDYA, a NGO that has been ceaselessly working on these lines for the past 25 years. Founded in 1984, VIDYA today is a multi-layered programme that has initiated nationally recognized grass-root level development programmes in some of the poorest neighbourhood of New Delhi, Mumbai. VIDYA’s Mumbai chapter started in April 2001 on the IIT Bombay campus, supported by the IIT Bombay Heritage Fund.  In a span of eight years, VIDYA Mumbai has worked for the sustainable development of the lesser privileged communities of Powai and Colaba.

VIDYA  ran the Mumbai Marathon with the children from the Powai’s community donning their green tee-shirts and the yellow hats. The excitement was surreal with the children calling out “VIDYA, VIDYA” as they walked in tandem with the Mumbai’s rest along with volunteers and well wishers from all walks of life. Education lights the way to the future, so they believed and so they sang with their hearts full and the voices raised ,the VIDYA anthem, Vidya deep jalata ja. A message enthusiastically conveyed through their street play-winning them friends and volunteers.

Marathon is not just a way to make my mark as a Mumbaikar, but also this beautiful way to be one amongst all, to belong!”, was the sentiment shared by the students.

The message for all whom VIDYA met along the way was- “Come join us and be the most significant force of change for India’s less privileged.”