Hi guys, if u people r looking out to have a gr8 party time then this is the place to be, it’s the Velvet lounge bar in the renaissance hotel. Actually v had a spontaneous plan, v all friends had met for
the engagement party of one of our friends, and it was a reunion kind of a thing. V decided to stay longer in the night so v cud spend good time with each other. For me it was one of the reasons to be with my  stupid so called girl friend too.but i ooh  soo much repent spending that time with that bimboo.. I suggested this place since I had heard a lot about it n my stupid girl friend was insisting on visiting the place since very long as not even a single soul was ready to take her there, so i threw some mercy and took her there that she stopped eating my head.. and V all reached the place by 11.45 in the night. The party scene as we all know starts late in Bombay. V shelled out around Rs. 1200/-a couple for a Saturday night, (what a bloody waste). Ok now this place is given a really nice location in the hotel, adjoining the discotheque there is lovely garden, which if anyone wants to jus gaze below the star wud b an ideal place to b in.
Well v then entered the discotheque, which wasn’t filled till then, but v cud c the crowd building fast after that. The place is not as big as the Athena’s n the nigma’s but reasonably sized. While v entered the place the first impression anyone has of the place would b that the ambiance is really good, so is the interiors. The first thing v friends did was to leap on the bartender n then came the shock for us since the liquors were steeply priced. Jus for the regulars a large Smirnoff cost around Rs 450/-, which as it is keeps the drinkers on a check. As the time flew to around half past midnight the DJ started rocking the place with amazing mix of bollywood dance numbers n also foot tapping English numbers. Which automatically pulled us on the floor. It was such an amazing feeling that night especially v had gone out after a long time to party. If the regular party animals have not yet been to this place they will surely appreciate the place. V finally dragged ourselves out of the place as nobody wanted to leave if the females dint have there time limits at home n v obliged them with due respect. I kind of had a bit of fun bcoz of my friends,but my gf sucked..!!anyways, u Guys go rock!!