Link: Velvet Lounge, Powai, Mumbai, Bar on burrp! Mumbai.

I took my friends out to this place for my birthday. Renaissance is obviously a beautifully constructed five star hotel. The drive to Powai is a tedious process with the bad roads and traffic. Of course you can’t blame Renaissance for that ..

anyway, coming to Velvel itself, the music is mostly Indian pop which I personally am not a big fan of. But if you’re into it I guess you’ll be fine. The drinks are good. I don’t like the idea of having to buy coupons outside in the lobby each time you want more booze. You can’t just pay cash and the coupon counter is out of the way.

The crowd is what you expect at clubs within hotels – middle aged folk and many a tourist.

People don’t get on the dance floor until late so don’t get there too early.

The area around the club is nice if you and your partner just want some alone time without the loud music.

It isn’t the best club in Mumbai by any stretch of the imagination but worth a visit or two nonetheless.