Vehicle Owners Protest Against Traffic Police Clamp Down Outside Powai Plaza

On 11th August morning, the traffic police decided to crack down on on the vehicles outside Powai Plaza. They put clamps on the 100’s of cars which were parked outside the Plaza. The reason given by the traffic police men was that ” Angular Parking is not allowed.

The vehicle owners were outraged by this incidence since they had been parking their vehicles like this for months now and no one had told them or  they ever heard of this rule about “ANGULAR PARKING” Adding to the confusion the traffic policemen claim that there is no need for any board saying such. In such a situation it becomes imperative that citizens are educated and informed on these traffic rules, otherwise the people are going to be taken for a ride by these traffic cops.

I spoke to the Vehicle owners Mr. Ghanshyam Kodnani a resident of Tulip hiranandani, and Mr. Ravinder Singh from Nahar they  said

we protested since none of us were aware about this traffic rule, and more so there is no board outside which indicates or intimates about this new traffic rule. He said we were allowed to go withour paying any fine since we protested as a group.

Other people were not let off the hook and had to pay the fine.

On speaking to the Saki-naka control room on 24691636, I was informed that except Airports/racecourse/BMC buildings, parallel parking is banned every where and there is no need for a board saying so.

The traffic policemen says

that parallel parking is allowed opposite powai plaza but angular parking and corner parking will be penalized.

Powai plaza has a basement pay & park facilty parking, but no one is yet ready to pay I figure.