When in Powai, you know where to go looking for Paulo Coelho, Arundhati Roy, Sophie Kinsella & even Shakespeare but do you know where you can find literary gems like Amrita Pritam, Rabindranath Tagore, Bhishma Sahani, (Latin American) Isabelle Allende, (Chinese) Wang Meng Jao Da Nian, (Hebrew) Amos Oz?

Tucked away on the 6th floor of Gateway Plaza is a treasure chest for book lovers which goes by the name “Vasundhara”. Here you will find translations (in Hindi and English) of the works of famous regional and international writers and poets.

Fiction writers Dr. Jitendra Bhatia, Oma Sharma, Sudha Arora, Suryabala, Suraj Prakash, & Poet Anoop Sethi

The brainchild of Sudha Arora & Jitendra Bhatia, this book store was launched in 2001 with a desire to make regional & international literature more popular & accessible to one & all. Both Sudha & her husband are writers, having written mainly in Hindi. They have experimented with all forms of writing; covering a panorama of novels, short stories & plays. It was this love for books & the experience of not finding the book you want that literally forced the couple to set up a bookshop & library after they retired from their respective careers. This store also serves as a research-cum-reference library for those working on their PhDs/Masters and those who cannot afford to buy every recommended book. In the past, this cosy book store has hosted many evenings where like-minded people, alongwith literary geniuses, have exchanged ideas, recited poetry, sought inspiration & eventually churned out more for us to read.

Apart from catering to adults, this store also houses books for children in Hindi (Premchand, Rajendra Yadav, V Suteyev), Marathi (Binda Karandikar, Pradmya Pawar, Namdev Dhasal) and Gujarati(Varsha Adlaja, Dhiruben Patel). A few years ago, i bought some illustrated story books to give as return gifts on my son’s birthday – what a hit they were !! So, if you are wondering how to enrich their minds while exposing them to a language closer to our hearts than English – just head to Vasundhara.

The address is 602, Gateway Plaza, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400 076 India. Tel: 25705857 email: vasundhara2000@gmail.comsudhaarora@gmail.com / jitendra.bhatia@gmail.com


Article credits: Anuradha W Ramachandran.