Link: UTSAV Review.

Utsav is a new restaurant at Powai. It is at an odd place. You are likely to miss it if you do not search for it. I came across it only by chance. It is located next to the China Valley, which is about
100m west of Hiranandani School on Orchard Avenue.

Been there for lunch on 10 December 2005. Very good food of the Punjabi and Chinese variety. The Chinese variety is however, not as good as that available in China Valley which is just next door. So, if you are a group that wants to order only Chinese dishes, then perhaps China Valley is a better bet. China Valley is costlier than Utsav, though.

Be careful with the F. & B. Manager of Utsav, one Mr Kishor Kanojia (as on 10-12-2005). He is a big mouth, and talks bigger. He refused to book a table for 8 of us when we approached him in person on the evening of 9 December. Said the place is very crowded. He wrote his cellphone number on his card and gave it to us, telling us to call at 1 pm on 10 Dec and see what the situation is. When I called just after 1 pm, he at first disconnected his cell and then shouted at me for calling him! When I did some plain speaking, he seemed to have cooled down! When we reached the restaurant, it was empty! See, we have a real bluff-master here!

The food is good. Worth a visit.