Link: vikas panditrao: Unknown Wealth Management Skills of Mr. Kesar Singh ji ( AC cab owner).

We reached an hour before the scheduled meeting with Financial Institution, hence went to CCD to pass the time . All along the discussion my senior colleague went on cribbing about how poor he is inspite of taking home fat salary. Thanks to the lovely café frappe which made me feel better . Post our meeting we struggled but managed to get a AC Cab driven by Sardar ji .

That 90 minutes in the AC Cab from Lower parel to Vile Parle was an experience worth quoting .

The moment the traffic was getting jammed, I found this cab driver pulling the window down and would start whistling. The result was the jammed traffic would move. He went on doing this and the traffic was getting cleared every time . I was surprised at this and was very curious to know the connection between the whistling and traffic clearance. On asking, sardar ji informed that most of car owners keep talking over the mobile while driving and this tends to slow the traffic. The moment they listen to the whistle they disconnect the call and concentrate on driving. Thinking that traffic police was near by .

Wow!! Papaji what a thinking!!!

His creative mind prompted me to start a conversation with him. Soon I came to know his name was Mr Kesar Singh . He has been driving the cab since 1971 and owns a 500 sqft house at Powai . He had four daughters and one son, all were well educated and settled in life . Eldest daughter being MBA , 2nd daughter was B. Ed and 3d Daughter was MA (Economics ) . The youngest son had done marine engineering and serves for Foreign shipping.

Hearing to all that my colleague suddenly woke-up and started actively participating in the conversation . He discovered a Rich dad in this poor man . I could gauge what my colleague must be thinking and hence I asked Kesar Singh about his earning . He was open and revealed that average earning is Rs. 20,000 per month ( Tax free ) .

My colleague was not able to digest the fact that Kesar ji was happy and successful inspite earning 1/10th less than him .

People like Kesar ji are real Wealth Managers. They manage all the risk in life so well without exposure to ANY Insurance or Equity or Mutual Funds. They not only teach us how to live a content life, they also teach that happiness has no connections with your earnings.

Many people like Kesar sing Ji have mastered the art of whistling whenever the live Jammed. They are the unknown FUND MANAGERS.

Please congratulate Kesar Sing Ji today on +91 9869156377. May be you can hire his AC Cab and also learn from him the art of whistling out the trouble in life .