Education Officer Required at Udaan NGO Powai

Udaan India Foundation is a Mumbai based registered non-profit organisation that is committed to the cause of educating underprivileged children.Our primary aim is to ensure that every child of school going age is in school and gaining a strong educational foundation,that will prepare him/her for better employment opportunities and the right to lead life with dignity and self respect.

Through our work we hope to see perceptible changes by way of:
- Increased enrolments in school
- Decrease in school drop out rates
- Better job opportunities for the underprivileged

Udaan a powai based NGO requires Education officer. For more info on “Udaan” , check out

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide strategic and academic leadership to learning center programmes to achieve high student achievement levels through innovative strategies that improve teaching and learning outcomes.
  • Develop Individualised education plans(IEP) for the slow learners as well as fast trackers
  • Develop, implement and oversee the monitoring and evaluation systems for the Udaan learning centre based on recognized quality benchmarks
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining a strong working relationship with the formal school heads and Udaan teachers to effectively implement the education programs.
  • Develop foundation program curriculum and annual action plans
  • Develop and implement a professional development plan based on a training need analysis
  • Seek collaborative opportunities with other Professional Development agencies and non profit organizations to ensure high impact and cost effective training


  • Person with a Masters degree in Education or Special Education or a ┬áminimum of 5 years of work experience in the education sector and having good communication skills
  • Ability to plan and execute
  • Ability to create systems, processes and structures for the existing education program