Traffic Signals at JVLR Still Not Functional

After years of braving chaos at intersections at Powai’s JVLR, traffic signals have still not begun working and there is still no respite. Anil Balaram of Powai says, “Just when you turn into the Hiranandani gardens from JVLR, the signals do not work leading to complete chaos.

It is a major accident prone area which should be manned but many a times even the traffic police are not attending the signals. After the recent downpours, traffic at JVLR-Hiranandani Gardens Powai junction is very fatal as it is a point, which is known as Powai’s busiest road.”

Traffic police officer Kriti Kumar, said, “The whole stretch of the JVLR is not completed, therefore we have to wait for the entire length to be finished before we start all the signals. The MMRDA should be contacted.” V Appukuttan of the Powai citizens committee says, “Roads are being redone again and again, contractors are being changed which all amount to citizens suffering.”

Meanwhile Kriti Kumar, Traffic police maintained, “The entire stretch at JVR is on an interconnected device, how can we start only a few? We are still studying the vehicular flow which is very heavy and north bound during the mornings; and south bound during the night. We are waiting the completion of the service roads too.”

Delays should not be tolerated says another Powai resident of Raheja Vihar Powai, S Joshi, “The contractor should finish the assigned work within a stipulated time. Delays should call for a penalty for both contractors and traffic department.”

Further recalls Joshi, “Fifteen years ago there was only one BEST bus ‘315’ but nowadays very heavy cement mixers and load vehicles ply only because of construction work due to development of Powai. So it us who want development as well as speedy work. Therefore I guess we have to pay the price for it too.”

Traffic RTO chief of Powai, Sr PS Nikhalikar assured, “We will conduct a joint meeting of all agencies involved again. The various agencies of the Unity Constructions, MMRDA,BMC as well as the Reliance power services have been contacted to help expedite the functioning of the signals. Unless they work in unison it will be hard to say when the signals will start functioning but I will take up the matter urgently to help start same within this month end for sure.”

Source: Times of Mulund-Powai. Saturday 3 July, 2010.