When in doubt ask the crowd, here we tried to crowd source the answer to the perennial question, how to find good, cheap, healthy affordable homemade khanna delivered to you fresh out of the kitchens of Powai. Though the answers are not really impressive, but at least its a start to a good happy meal.
Rahul Rai

Rahul Rai one is there in powai plaza but not sure abt the name…

07 July at 13:04
Paritosh PantParitosh Pant ohh… i have a better one…. sai tiffin services PH no. 25770542,25788628……. i recommend it u……. they are brilliant….

07 July at 13:19
Neeta Singh BhatnagarNeeta Singh Bhatnagar There is one at Oberoi estates on chandivali road . It’s a gujju thali kind of food.

07 July at 13:22
Sharell Maya MaharanaSharell Maya Maharana The one in Powai Plaza I think is Swad… but they say they only deliver meal boxes not tiffins. It costs 75 rupees a day! Tried calling Sai but first number didn’t work and the second one wasn’t answered. Will try again tomorrow! Otherwise it’s on to the Gujju thali. 馃檪

07 July at 21:29
Tanmay BahulekarTanmay Bahulekar I feel discriminated against, the last time i scouted for a number.. ah well anyway 馃檪 Tiffins eh, sounds promising. Swad is run of the mill. Gujju thali is good, once a year. Will try calling Sai the next time around!

07 July at 21:56
Sharell Maya MaharanaSharell Maya Maharana Sai sounds excellent. 35-45 rupees only, they say. Am going to give them a try. Thanks for the recommendation!

08 July at 15:05
Preeti Aruna KalluriPreeti Aruna Kalluri Mayura Tai cooks awesome food, she resides @ panch kutir , here is her contact no. 9920157776

08 July at 21:55