Three things which disappointed me on my enquiry for a co-working space at Awfis

Three things which disappointed me on my enquiry for a co-working space at Awfis

Co-working spaces are the most happening thing nowadays. A lot of people instead of being stuck in a job, now prefer to be their own boss or work remotely. Powai has seen a boom in co-working space in the year 2016. There are at least five players who set up shop as co-working spaces. One of the biggest players in the coworking space is Awfis.

Awfis is located conveniently in Heera Panna mall. The place is huge and buzzing with people. Though too busy for my liking, I went ahead and asked for more information.

The person who came in after 5 minutes was a young man who looked quite authoritative. I guess disciplining a place where all people are their own bosses might need such personality.

We soon got down to discussion.


1. No shorts – The authoritative young sales guy soon got round the point and told me that they didn’t allow working in shorts. I was kind of displeased with such “class monitor” attitude of this sales person.

2. No working from other locations – Furthermore, on checking of my membership could be used at other Awfis centres, he said the same wouldn’t be possible. This is major negative for me; I do roam around Mumbai and don’t like to be confined to one space.

3. Ambiguity on daily pay as use basis – On enquiring on the possibilities of hiring the place on an hourly or daily basis, he said that’s not allowed, but then reluctantly said, he will put me touch with his senior in the HO. On speaking to the guy in the HO, I was told that I would be emailed the daily rates but its subject to availability on that particular day. That email never arrived.

I would be happy to hear about your co-working experiences at any of the places in Powai. Starbucks coffee is an overkill; I mean how many over expensive coffee can you drink for a day?