Think and Play - Board Games, Puzzles, Math and Creative Workshops.

Think and Play is a unique shop with a unique name. This shop at Nahar Shopping Centre, Opp. Lok Milan complex, Chandivali, has a range of educational & strategic board games, and puzzles. At Think & Play, you won’t need to buy a game on the basis of how attractive the cover is. They will happily recommend games to you, teach you to play the games and also give ideas to make the game more exciting or how to make it easier for children or how to increase the difficulty level. Think and play also has a range of math learning aids and art and craft material for crafts like Quilling, Sand art, Bead Art, Stocking flowers, Punch craft etc.

In fact you can also visit Think and Play along with your friends & families and play strategy board games like chess, reversi, abalone etc. They also conduct workshops that will help children Make Friends with math by letting them discover math rather then teach math. You can also learn various crafts in workshops being conducted throughout the summer.

The workshops are beginning from 25th April.

Playing Strategy game - Abalone

MAKE FRIENDS WITH MATHS @ Think and Play. Workshops where children from class 1 to 7 can conceptually understand math.

  • Why is Number 10 written as 1 & 0 only?
  • Why do I need to carry over?
  • Why have square numbers been named square numbers?
  • Why does subtracting a – ve number make it positive
  • Why can fractions not be simply added the way they are etc..

Maths is a very logical subject and if you understand the logic and can build upon it then math will be fun. But if you do not understand the WHY’s above, it will become boring and then you try to keep up somehow memorizing formula’s, procedures and methods without understanding what exactly you are doing.

Number puzzle

Think and Play will do workshop on following topics. You can choose topics that you find difficult to understand.

  • Multiplications & Divisions
  • Factors, HCF & LCM
  • Fractions and cross Multiplication
  • Percentage, Profit and Loss
  • Integers
  • Area & Volume
  • Introduction to algebra

CREATIVE CRAFTS WORKSHOPS: If you would rather want to apply your creative brain, think and Play also offers a range of creative craft workshops.

  • 2 D & 3 D Quilling
  • Punch craft
  • Bead art
  • Sand Art
  • Stocking Flowers
  • Calligraphy
  • Charcoal Painting

2 D Quilling, Punch craft & Charcoal shading

Stocking flowers with glitter art


3 D Quilling - Yes !!! these are quilled chocolates. not real ones


Think & Play, Shop No. A/7, Nahar Shopping Centre, Opp. Lok milan complex

Contact: Abhishek 42290076 / 8898887254