There is hope- Call 25706000 right here in Powai if you are feeling depressed.

Elsie Gabriel.

Many who struggle with depression find that trying to get depression help is frustrating. Trying “self help for depression” can be even worse. Do you find this to be the case? I want to reassure you — there is hope. You are only a phone call away.Call the Vandrevala Foundation center here in Powai -25706000.

The Cyrus and Priya Vandrevala Foundation is a charitable social enterprise focused on making a sustainable difference for those in need. Founded by Priya Hiranandani Vandrevala and Cyrus Vandrevala, the Foundation primarily focuses on charitable contributions for mental health, dyslexia and multiple sclerosis. The management team is comprised of a group of professionals with expertise in international philanthropic investing. The Foundation utilizes an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to charitable giving, provide grants to organizations who can make a better than average.

The Vandrevala Foundation therefore identified mental health as an area where it could usefully and practically contribute to society. As the first step in its initiative The Foundation launched a 24 x 7 Mental Health helpline to serve patients, families and others dealing with mental healh issues.

Mental Health Initiative – India
On 3rd August 2009 The Foundation launched “The Mental Health Initiative – India”. Mental health has been a social and health challenge in India for a number of reasons,which the center tries to overcome:

  • Stigma associated with mental illnesses
  • Priority given to physical health over mental health in budgets and decision-making
  • Lack of resources and facilities for treatment of mental illnesses
  • Lack of awareness of modern medical treatments that can almost guarantee recovery.
  • Social discrimination against the mentally ill.