Mumbai, 4th June 2018- The Yoga Institute has been a stalwart in spreading the ‘yoga for all’ mission from local to global level. It is one of the oldest organised yoga centres in the world slowly spreading’s its wings to benefit people from all walks of life. Many people attended the opening ceremony in full zest.

A stalwart in the Yoga Realm- The Yoga Institute (TYI) has been enriching and empowering the lives of millions around the globe since 1918.

We advocate Classical yoga for the common man or family man Yoga (Householder Yoga) -In life there are no guarantees, but The Yoga Institutes’ yoga is a sure shot guarantee to achieve holistic health and wellness goals. Extending the light of Yoga to the Powai residents our latest offering includes designed Yoga instructor course and special classes of Asanas, Kriyas, Pranayamas and Meditation technique keeping different requirements in mind and easy to follow tools that make it easy to include classical yoga asanas practice easy to adapt in day-to-day life.

Get away from the hassles and stresses of daily life and explore a holistic health infusion. Find simple solutions to your everyday problems and challenges through holistic yoga approach.

The opening ceremony performed by Dr Hansa Ji (Director-The Yoga Institute) and by chief guest of honour Swami Bodhatmanand Ji ( Head Vedanta Program Chinmaya Mission). The grand opening was done by traditional igniting of the Diyas. Eminent Yoga experts and well-wishers – Shri Hrishi Jayadeva Yogendra (Asst. Director- The Yoga Institute); Shri Shailesh Satyaendra Parikh (CEO- Free India Engineers) Smt. Pranee Yogendraji also graced the occasion.

Followed by the inspirational speech by Dr Hansaji and honourable Swami Bodhatmanand Ji (some excerpts)

Dr Hansaji welcomed everyone, students, yoga teachers and all the Powai residents to the inaugural ceremony.  She emphasised that life and yoga are all about celebrations. We have a variety of people. It is important to accept people as they are and not try to change them.

She highlighted- The yoga programme and classes are designed keeping in mind the Householder’s daily requirements. For example- learn how to mend common problems like clear skin, improved blood circulation, fat reduction more easily. Learn how to effectively manage diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure and asthma etc. related symptoms effectively. Learn the foundations of four pillars of Ahar, Achar, Vihar, and Vichar to lead a happy and fulfilling life. These help to improves focus and peace of mind, increase mind & body flexibility, vitality and energy levels.

Spreading the light of yoga to all and training the mind and not just the body was the main take away.

Honourable Swami Bodhatmanand Ji shared his insights and commended the Institute for the tremendous dedication, faith and work done for the past 100 years to spread yoga goodness.

Swamiji was introduced to various saints and sages in his early childhood. His spiritual call came when he read Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s commentary on the Bhagavad Gita. Not long after that, he decided to dedicate his life to the study of scriptures and the service of humanity. He served for five years at Chinmaya Mission Orlando (1996-2000) in various capacities and subsequently participated in Chinmaya Mission’s 50th-anniversary celebrations.

Swami Bodhatmanand Ji affirmed that Ashtanga Yoga is all about mastering the mind and not the yoga postures.

Sattvic Luncheon was organised, and participants enthusiastically enjoyed the food and centre premises.

The vote of thanks was offered by our Sadhaka Shri Rahul Ramola Ji in all affability thanking The Yoga Institute & Dr Hansaji for the wonderful opportunity and responsibility endowed to him to take the baton forward and spread the joy of yoga for all.

The Institute will be offering Asana classes and 200 Hrs Teacher’s Training Certification.

Come experience harmonious wellness and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

Address – C 308, Kailas Business Park, Hiranandani link road, Powai.

Contact-98206 96800

LEARN, TEACH & ASPIRE –Change your life in a yogic way. Experience the light within.