As soon as i got to work after a long lunch break at the Yellow Chilli, i just HAD to add the place to the burrp directory and review it – it was really that good! It is supposedly part of the Sanjeev Kapoor chain, so we thought we would sample it rather than another visit to mainland china on the lower floor.

The place has a capacity for for 70-80 people, the outside rooftop bbq area isnt operational yet. They serve a brilliant indian buffet lunch (introductory pricing of Rs. 249!) featuring a soup, 4-5 salads, 2 starters, 5 (yes five) veg main courses, dal, rice, 2 non veg main courses, a nonveg biryani, and 3-4 desserts.

The food has got to be the best tasting indian i’ve had in a long long time (beats angeethi and saffron spice hands down)…i just wished they included a soft drink or juice and maybe swapped a veg dish for a non veg for the meat-eaters. Put this down in the comments section of the feedback form, lets see if they implement it.
Service was strictly average, even though the place wasnt too packed, but its forgivable considering it was their 3rd or 4th day of operations and that the food was so delicious…all in all, a must visit!

Best Indian buffet i’ve had!

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