Welcome to all the newly elected corporators from the BMC elections 2012. Despite the best efforts from citizen candidates and independents, party power has ruled once again. It is seen that people love familarity and like to vote the same people in Power. There was no anti-incumbency feeling among the candidates in Powai, as can be seen by the thumping 2500 margin 4th term victory by Chandan Sharma’s in ward 115 . (Last election was fought by his wife). Also Mrs Savita Sharad Pawar (wife of ex-corporator) who won with a difference of over 4000 votes to her nearest rival . So here is the compilation of the winners ward wise.


Ward 115 – Mr. Chandan Sharma  (Nationalist Congress Party)

Mr Chandan Sharma got 6897 votes compared to his nearest rival Mr. Bhawanishankar Sharma (BJP) 4563 , a difference of almost 2500 votes.

Ward 116 – Mr Avinash Sawant (MNS)

Mr Avinash Sawant(MNS) received 3661 votes and won over his nearest rival Arvind Shinde (SS)  3357 votes, a difference of 304 votes. It was a very narrow win.

Ward 150 – Mrs Savita Sharad Pawar (NCP)

Mrs Savita Pawar received 10058 votes compared to her nearest rival Ashwini Matekar (MNS) who received 6014.

Ward 118 – Mr Haroon Khan (NCP)

Mr Haroon Khan (NCP) received 9567 votes compared to his nearest rival Ganesh Chukkal (MNS) who received 4503 votes.