Founded in 1998, The PRAJA Foundation is a non-partisan voluntary organization which empowers the citizen to participate in the governing process. With a view to provide knowledge, transparency, accountability and enlist people’s participation, PRAJA specifically aims to provide ways in which the citizen can get politically active and involved beyond the ballot box.

Concerned about the lack of awareness of the local government among citizens, and hence the disinterest in its functioning, PRAJA seeks change. With citizens having become apathetic toward public services, and branding the same as corrupt, PRAJA strives to create awareness about the elected representatives and their constituencies. It aims to encourage the citizen to raise his/her voice and influence the policy and working of the elected representative. This will eventually lead to constituency efforts being directed towards the specified cause of public interest.

The PRAJA foundation strives to revive the waning spirit of Mumbai City, and increase the interaction between the citizens and the government. To facilitate this, Praja has created, an online website where the citizen can not only discuss the issues that their constituencies face, but can also get in touch with their elected representatives directly. The website has been equipped with information like the issues faced by the ward, the corporators, the responses received and a discussion board allowing an interaction between the citizens of the area.

PRAJA’s goals are simplifying people’s lives, empowering the citizens and government with facts and creating instruments of change to improve the quality of life of citizens in India. PRAJA is committed to creating an accountable and efficient society through people’s participation.

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