Link: The Pizzeria, Powai, Mumbai, Fast food on burrp! Mumbai.

Name/Location: The Pizzeria / Powai, Marine Drive nd Versova (?)

Average Cost: 200-300 a pizza

Food: The Pizzeria definitly has the best pizzas in town. They have been in Mumbai much longer than Dominoes or Pizza Hut came here and Iv been a fan of their pizzas right from the beginning. One particular pizza that I really like is the HumYum which has Bacon Onions and Extra cheese. This combination tastes really good though it is not on the menu anymore. If you want a peperoni pizza I suggest you stick to Dominoes who have the best Peperoni. If you are a veggie I suggest you go in for ‘the talk of the town’ which is your basic onion mushroom nd capsicum pizza. They also offer stuffed crust pizzas in their 8″ range which are good too. Pizzeria also has a concept called Quad Pizza which is 4 different toppings on one 12″ pizza. Makes a lot of sence for people who want to share. They also have the usual pasta nd garlic bread nd cheese though their pizzas are what really sets them apart. Their pizzas are very rich and made to your liking unlike Dominoes and Pizza Hut where the pizzas taste like they were made in a factory. In Pizzeria you get the feeling that some passion has gone into making the pizza nd its not just made by some guy whos making your pizza according to a rule book. They have recently changed their entire menu and have taken off many items I really used to like. They had a really good Risotto which isnt available anymore. They also had a pasta which would be made just the way you like it. They had some sort of garlic bread too which was topped with chicken in a whitish sauce. tht was really good too. I dont think any of the dishes mentioned above are on the menu anymore. The food here is really good nevertheless and even tastes good the next morning when you heat it up in the microwave.

Service: I have hardly ever eaten in the restaurant and always order the pizzas home though the service isnt bad. Im not sure about the branch in town but in Powai the waiters dont always know everything about the pizzas though they are more than willing to call the manager or the chef to assist you. Overall the service is really quick and efficient.

Ambience: The ambience in Powai is quite rubbish and the AC in the restaurant isnt even working half the time. However the ambience in town is AMAZING. The restaurant is right on marine drive and has little windows which are opened and you have a direct view of the sea and some traffic. You are literaly sitting on the side walk which is really nice. I have never been to the Versova branch.

Conclusion: Definitly the best pizza place in town unless your really into authentic italian pizzas. The town branch does quite well though I kinda have doubts about the Powai one. I would definitly reccomend this place to anyone who lloves pizzas. The only downside is tht isnt widespread and thus you have to be lucky to have one in your area. The owner, Sanjay Narang of Mars Restaurants should work a bit on marketting the restaurant across Mumbai nd Im sure it can easily take on Dominoes nd Pizza Hut.

EDIT – I believe Mars restaurants is now sold to a MNC. Lets see what happens.