THS_post-festivitiesWomen today lead hectic lives. In the midst of managing domestic chores, office work and kids – we often forget to manage ourselves. Beauty treatments are considered an “indulgence” and often compromised on because of lack of time and expensive salons!

The Home Salon (THS) believes that being beautiful is a need for every woman. Whether its basic salon services or an occasional massage, the only way to continue wearing multiple hats and managing every family member’s routine is to remember to look after ourselves. Hence their existence!

How long did your last manicure take you? 30 minutes? Think again! From changing your clothes to getting to car, finding parking, getting an appointment at the salon, waiting for your polish to dry and paying the bill – the whole treatment takes atleast 2 hours! What if you got the same salon like professionalism, hygiene and trained beauticians to come home and do the service, while you watch TV or tend to your cook? Such an easy life – no?

THS_1THS offers professional, convenient and very hygienic doorstep salon & spa services all over the city. Their trained beauticians come with lots of industry experience, are further groomed in-house and taught the finer aspects of home service and then come home to provide you a great salon-like experience! Their services include a wide range of manicures, pedicures, over 15 facials suiting various skin types, regular, aloe-vera & Rica waxing, body polishing, massages etc. To make these a regular routine with women, THS also offers affordable packages & membership programs so that you can look beautiful without creating a dent in your wallet.

Apart from individual services – you may notice THS at your offices, various events and even bridal homes! They offer in-salon services as well as employee discounts to offices and have customized packages for brides including all their pre-bridal beauty treatments as well as hair & makeup.

Founded by Rishika Chandan, an ex-investment banker and a professional make-up stylist, THS grew from her personal need of at-home services. Long working hours often meant cramming beauty treatments into a Sunday, which wasted a large part of the day. Not knowing whom to call home – she realized the huge gap in the market and decided to do something about it. She believes, “Getting salon services done is more than just looking good, it’s about feeling beautiful, confident & peppy. A bright pink nail polish, a de-tan body scrub, a relaxing head oil massage or a deep cleansing facial – all go a long way in rejuvenating us women to face a long week and let go of a tough day!”

All you need to do is call their Customer Coordinator on 8080223388 or 022 30770135, and tell them your requirements. Trust them to churn out the most cost effective package, offer the most trained beauticians and promise you a wonderful experience!

You can view their detailed pricing on and stay abreast with their latest offers and packages through their facebook page: Service areas include most parts of Mumbai.

Indulge yourself as a routine – because you are at your best only when you feel your best!