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– The poll found that the Government and the Hiranandani Builders have
caused the traffic mess. Excessive construction and commercial usage of
area in Hiranandani coupled with inordinate delay with JVLR-2 have
increased the number of vehicles entering and exiting. Diversion from
ADS Marg into Hiranandani have added to the traffic jams.

– Complete JVLR-2 fast. Disallow heavy traffic inside the complex,
place height-bars. Post traffic wardens to manage traffic in peak
hours. Call-centre vehicles should not be parked on the roads. Traffic
police should be present to penalize offenders. Place signage directing
traffic. Make selected roads one-way. Involve support of local bodies
and residents.

By: Staff Reporter

Powai – 27 January 08 : In
pursuit of alleviating the problem of chaotic traffic clogging and
constant nightmare of trudging short distance in the area of New Powai,
choke-o-blocked roads in the residential complex of Hiranandani
Gardens, towards Raheja Vihar, Shiv Bhagtani, Kailash Complex road and
ADS Marg has living in this once-serene suburb a hellish experience.

conducted a poll to get feedback from residents as to who is
responsible for the mess and steps could improve the situation to make
the roads fairly navigable. We got a fairly good response from
Powaiites on this issue. We have tried to summarise and echo the
feelings, sentiments and predicament of the residents here.

to the poll in a strong disgust, VK Gupta said, “We hold Hiranandani
Constructions responsible (irresponsible?) alone for the mess created.
Constructing high rise buildings with all materials and equipment
placed on the main roads and walking pavements is the precise reason.
Converting a residential area to a commercial property and with no
infrastructure whatsoever is the root of the problem. But who will
bother? Will any protest register on the now deaf ears of these great

PP reader, Saumya Halve of Hiranandani Gardens in her feedback aptly
sums the issue concisely and precisely saying that, “The traffic mess
in Hiranandani Gardens continues to be a headache for the residents as
well as the people who work here. There are few problems rather
circumstances which has resulted in such menace: 1 – ADS Marg remains
traffic-jammed for the better part of the day. People therefore, to
avoid jams take a short-cut from Hiranandani, resulting in traffic jam
here. 2 – Lot of offices have come up in Hiranandani. They attract
people and their vehicles. 3 – A newly discovered short cut to Vikhroli
via Kailash Complex attracts more commuters who wish to avoid endless
wait at IIT. This also contributes to traffic jams.”

18 year old Engineering student, Ranjeet Ramaswamy of Powai Vihar
opines, “Traffic inside Hiranadani Gardens has definitely increased in
the recent past. Many factors contribute to this. The first one is the
narrow roads inside Hiranandani Gardens.

vehicles inside Hiranadani have increased by many folds and due to the
narrow roads more than two cars cannot go side-by-side. The next thing
is the irregular parking. One can see lot of cars and bikes parked
outside D-Mart, Haiko and the different call-centres. Already the roads
are narrow and if we park vehicles on the road, then naturally there
will be less space on the road for vehicles to pass. The next reason is
the huge traffic on the ADS Marg. Due to these cars and bikes take a
short-cut via Hiranandani to approach Saki Naka/Chandivali from
Powai/Mulund side. Though we can stop such motorists, we can definitely
ponder over the parking facility.”

young lad further opines, “I think Hiranandani Constructions should
take the responsibility to build underground parking facility near
D-Mart/Haiko and Galleria. When parking is diverted to such places,
then the road is free from obstructions and vehicles can move freely.
The next thing is deployment of traffic police in the area. As of now,
motorists drive roughly and some of them drive through wrong sides
also. When traffic police is deployed then it will be reduced. The
famous ‘commandos, in Hiranandani Gardens can also participate in
dismantling the traffic woes.”

Megchiani of Powai wrote: “I would emphasize that this chaos has been
caused by the government not incorporating the appropriate planning.
The road to IIT still needs to be resolved and work to be started.
Further, the new Ghatkopar road has added to the vows. The solution is
the following:

1. Start the widening of IIT road ASAP

2. Ensure heavy vehicles only follow that route

3. Residents to unite with the builders to solve this problem ASAP.

4. I also urge the builder to try and solve this problem at the earliest; because they have the necessary clout.

This has to be seen urgently; else traffic will become a huge stumbling block for Powai’s growth.”

to the GM Administration of Hiranandani Constructions, Joseph Reddy, he
informed ‘Planet Powai’ that, “We are alive to the problem and are
coping up with issue head-on. We have already placed five traffic
wardens at major crossings and intersections. We are also working out
with the traffic dept to erect height-bars at certain entry points to
curb inflow of heavy traffic inside the complex. Further, we have
issued notice to call-centres not-to-park vehicles on the road and
asked the traffic dept to action on them. On behalf of my company I
appeal to the residents to bear with us till the ADS Marg work is

the final punch to the problem a resident, Amit Chaoudhary gives an
innovative suggestion in his feedback saying, “Basically it must be
realised that primarily thousands of families live in the complex and
deserve a better deal after pouring huge sums to ensure an open and
comfortable living space. Others, including the builder need to respect
this space and not impose horrendous conditions just for convenience
and profit.

things don’t improve quickly, my final suggestion is we take to the
roads and take things in our own hands. I have heard of ‘Rasta Rokos’
and force in outlying areas, maybe it is about time we resorted to it.
Frankly our patience is running out as things get worse by the day.”

far is the civic administration, MMRDA and the builder going to ease
the situation in near future is matter of speculation. As of now the
pent up anger of residents and their woes need to be addressed urgently
and seriously before they contemplate any direct action on ground, for
which the day is not distant.