The Great Kabab Factory:Average food, overpriced place

These guys recently opened in Powai, so I dropped by to have a look at their offerings. A restaurant charging Rs 990 for a fixed menu, you tend to believe, must be confident of what they serve. Well, of course they are confident. But their confidence is baseless. Here’s why:

They have six kinds of Kababs to start with, as starters you can say. I opted for the non-veg menu.

First is a lamb paste tikka. It tastes like aloo paste, is basically pasty. If it isn’t pre-announced to be lamb, you’ll never figure out it’s not vegetarian.

Then is the choosa – chicken kabab. Overspiced, but chicken quality is good.

Then I got a fish kabab. It’s basically fish coated with a ….well…. coat 🙂 and deep fried. The choice of spices for making the fish were appalling. The fish kabab tasted more like aloo pakoda than a fish dish.

Then there was this lamb rib kabab. It’s so over-marinated, the meat’s fiber structure is reduced to dust. You feel like you are biting into spicy warm ice-cream that’s miraculously chewy. Again, you can’t taste the meat at all and this preparation is over-over-done.

Then you get a lamb seekh kabab. This story is comparable to the lamb paste tikka I described in the beginning except that the texture is more sausage-like now.

So I covered five kababs but there were six. You get the idea – one wasn’t worth remembering even for criticism.

After that I opted for a biryani, chicken. The rice is ok, rayta is quite characterless and at too-low a temperature. And the chicken in biryani is cooked to be cotton. How do they do it? More importantly, why?

But there was some solace at the end. Delicious (and extremely fat-rich) dudhi-ka-halwa. It was good.

But the gulab-jamuns were as if made using Gits ready-to-make mix – among the worst I’ve had anywhere.

Because of the cost involved, I believe this place is daylight robbery. Food like this should not cost more than Rs. 200-250 and they are charging four times that. This is not a place to waste your hard-earned money and evening on.

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