If you’ve ever longed to try a relaxing massage at a fancy-looking spa, but dropped the idea after one glance at the price, you’re going to love this.

The Four Fountains Spa – a pan-India chain of affordable health spas – has launched its first affordable health spa in Mumbai in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. A start-up by 3 management graduates from IIM Ahmedabad and SP Jain, The Four Fountains Spa is on a mission to put spas within the reach of upper-middle class Indians. The spa is already present at 7 other locations in Pune, Goa, Manali and Aurangabad.

Spa therapies that usually set you back by Rs. 3,000-4,000/- at five-star spas are available at The Four Fountains Spa at relatively affordable prices. Prices start at a reasonable Rs. 599/-. Weekday discounts (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm) and pre-paid membership discounts bring prices down further by 20 – 50%.

The spa is ideal for first-time spa-goers as well as spa connoisseurs looking for an affordable health spa. It has an interesting menu that classifies spa therapies by benefit rather than type. For example, instead of asking you to choose a massage at random from a long list of massages you are encouraged to first select one end-benefit (de-stressing, de-toxification, immunity or beauty) and then pick a therapy from those listed under that benefit. On offer are more than 20 massages, body polishes, body wraps and facials from around the world. International massages like Aromatherapy, Thai, Swedish and Foot Reflexology rub shoulders with Indian massages like the Ayurvedic and Head-Neck-Shoulder massage.

The spa has six therapy rooms tastefully painted in pristine white with the occasional wall splashed with a richly textured blue or pink. Beautiful candles and artefacts placed in lit niches create a zen-like ambience. A whiff of lemongrass aroma carries you into the spa as you enter and strains of relaxing, meditative music help you settle into its tranquil environs.

The spa is conveniently located on the 1st floor of Cypress building in Hiranandani Gardens. It is easily accessible from Jalvayu Vihar, Raheja Vihar, Lake Homes and Nahar’s Amrit Shakti. While The Four Fountains Spa is unisex, it follows a policy of offering only same-gender therapists. Shower enclosures in each therapy room and disposable underclothes provided at the start of each therapy are reassuring as signs of the high standards of hygiene and privacy followed at the spa.

The Four Fountains Spa comes with the recommendation of nearly 27,000 guests who have already tried its services over the last 3 years. That should be comforting for those of you planning to try a spa for the very first time without stepping out of Hiranandani Gardens.

The Four Fountains Spa is located at 1st Floor – Cypress, Near Reliance World, Hiranandani Gardens. For appointments call 022 – 65144044 / 65130022

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