Geeta Sandesh Vaahini has arrived in Powai. We started the function with invocation prayers -vedic chants inside the GSV. This was followed by chanting of 12 th and 15 th chapter of Bhagvat Geeta
Then followed inflow of residents wanting to see the Geeta Sandesh Vahini.What a great start.

The second halt was at Glenkroft society where major attraction was a multimedia animation show on the cosmic form of the creator displayed inside an inflatable air tent that could accommodate 49 children / elders, 25 at a time.

The next halt was in Eden market. Finally we moved on to Powaivihar which has a busy market place and huge crowds.
It was heartwarming to see the visitors leaving with a sense of gratitude.

It’s not only the gopikas of Vrindavan who left all chores to meet the charming Krishna, our seniors left their regular Bhajans this evening for an experience of the ideal behind the idol and ended the evening and ended the evening with Krishna Kanhaiya ki jai.

Geeta Sandesh Vahini will be visiting other areas of Powai in the next two days. Please do not miss the opportunity of a divine experience.