The Commuknitree organized a 'Back-to-School Event' in the community of Lake Homes Powai.

The Commuknitree organized a 'Back-to-School Event' in the community of Lake Homes Powai.


The Commuknitree organized a ‘Back-to-School Event’ in the community of Lake Homes Powai, a first of its kind initiative to empower parents and enable children. The event was a full day event packed with informative talks by the experts and exciting workshops for children. We will like to take the opportunity to thank all the speakers that helped make this event so informative and all the providers that made it exciting.

Following are the talks and speaker note highlights of the event:

Dr. Anureet Sethi, the head counselor at 70 schools of Poddar along with her team gave the parents information on child development from a psychological, emotional and behavioural perspective. What amazed us most was the wealth of information and the various dimensions involved in raising the children. Based on this we intend to bring a hands-on parenting workshop to the community very soon.

Ms. Vandana Arora, the principal of Nahar International School, provided practical insights to parents regarding the impact of their actions on the children and how the role of parents is so critical in raising children. The information was based on the her real life day-to-day experiences in dealing with children confirms the fact that their needs to be a better collaboration between the education fraternity and parents in a relaxed environment of the communities.

Dr.Ramesh Iyer, our friendly neighbourhood pediatrician from Hiranandani with 20 years of rich experience provided us the useful insights into the deficiency of vitamin D and B12 – body physiology, reasons, symptoms, dietary requirements and actions to cope with this epidemic encountered on a daily basis. The Communknitree intends to bring more of such well being talks to the community to spread the awareness of healthy body is healthy mind.

Dr. Devang Shah showed us how by using the right techniques we can train and optimize the use of our brain and nurture a genius in onself. The Communknitree will bring the Genius parenting and the Human computer workshops to the community in the first week of July to enable us to do so.

Ms. Amisha Jain the national sales head of Nike with her three beautiful stories motivated the children and adults alike with an inspirational message: “The three main ingredients required to find our dream are – FIND YOUR INSPIRATION, SEEK TO LEARN AND YOUR COMMITMENT”. We at ‘The Commuknitree’ strongly believe that the motivation coming from the real world role models from the industry can make a world of difference in the lives of children.

The Providers like the Edventure, Science Utsav, Impy Clubs, Camlin, SmartQ, Psalms School of Music and Red Moments made it easy for us to conduct the event as well made it very interesting by conducting value added workshops for the kids.

The day ended with children’s band performance conducted by Psalms school of music a live example of an motivational event for the children performing as watching.

The event was very well received by the parents and children alike. Following are some of the testimonials that we received for the talks and workshops:

“Thank u so much had a lovely day learnt so much. Super initiative.”

“Kudos to ‘The Commuknitree team….for organizing a great event….for pulling it off at this scale… loved all the talks….now looking forward to sending my kids for some classes and joining some myself too”

“When I saw the banner, I thought let me check it out but sat through the entire day as the content was beyond my expectation”

“Aunty I am so excited”

“I am having so much fun”

“I sat at the edge of the chair to not miss a single word that Amisha Jain said and am surely apply the three things that she left us with”

We really appreciate all the comments and will surely use them as fuel to bring more enabling programs to the community.

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