We are starting our ‘group orders’ to Powai ! This has worked very well for us for South Bombay and Bandra, so why not Powai too.For our new friends, we usually have a minimum order to Powai of 1,500 Rs but since this is a group order, we don’t have a monetary minimum.

This is how it works:
1. Check out the attached menu:
Our cupcakes have a min order of 6 per flavor or 4 small apple pies, etc.
Sandwiches & salads are available with a min order of 4.
2. Email me what you would like to order or sms me, please include your phone number either way.3. You’ll get a confirmation within 24 hrs of your order.

4. Be sure to order by Friday @ noon (earlier for pies).

5. Come Saturday morning between 9:30-10:30am am to pick it up at the parking area in front of the Subway and Gloria Jeans.  (Were hoping this is a good spot for a morning pick-up). We will be in a small gray/silver van, it is a Maruti Eeco, the last four on the plate is 0337.

I have a group email list that will inform you when we are heading to Powai in the future, if anyone would like to be added, please let me know. If you have moved away and would no longer like to receive these emails, please let us know as well.

[box]T H Bakes is an American style bakery that supports Tender Hands, which is our children’s charity that rescues, rehabilitates and cares for 30 children full-time until they are 18, these children are either HIV+, orphaned, street kids or children of commercial sex workers (red light area). TH Bakes also hires under-privilege woman and men and teaches them how to bake.
We have recently updated our website to include the new cakes we have done, have a look http://www.thbakes.com/photo_gallery.phphttp://www.thbakes.com/photo_gallery.php[/box]

In case you’re not sure if you’ll like it, here are some of the comments….

[quote]”The TH Bakes cupcakes are the yummiest in Mumbai. The cupcakes are fresh and taste just like they would from a bakery in New York. We love the fact that the profits from the business go back to supporting under-privileged kids in Mumbai. Good job guys!”[/quote]
– Sarah Drysdale

[quote]The cupcakes, especially the pumpkin cake and chocolate fudge icing were super delicious, they are the best I have tasted in Mumbai….actually anywhere and I am looking forward to more tasty varieties.”[/quote]
– Jeannette Anand

Also, if anyone would like to donate any items to Tender Hands, such as toys, clothes, books and household items. We maintain two full houses with 15 children and 4 staff in each home. We would be happy to pick up any gently used items. We can also provide a US tax receipt for good donated as long as they are in workable condition (since Tender Hands Inc is a 501c3 with the IRS). If it is a large item if you could contact us prior to ensure it fits in our vehicle.

Thank you so much for supporting T H Bakes and Tender Hands  !

* Please note we do have a new email address for T H Bakes below.

[box type=”info”] Contact Person: Bernie

Tender Hands Inc: Co-Founder                  TH Bakes: Partner
www.tenderhands.org                                    www.thbakes.com
Facebook Group: Tender Hands Inc           Facebook Page: TH Bakes
Email: tenderhandsindia@gmail.com            Email: thbakesindia@gmail.com

Mobile: 98 7076 6962
Kharghar, New Bombay, India[/box]