If you’re craving authentic American baked goods, there’s a fabulous solution. Order them from TH Bakes! TH Bakes makes all kinds of cakes and cupcakes, and delivers regularly (with an aim of weekly) to Powai. But the best thing is that proceeds are used to fund Tender Hands — an NGO that rescues and rehabilitates street children and commercial sex workers from the streets of Mumbai.

TH Bakes, as well as Tender Hands, are based in Navi Mumbai and were founded by Bernie David and her Indian husband. Bernie is an American ex Wall Street Mortgage Banker with a passion for baking and community work. You can be sure that the baked goods from TH Bakes are authentic, as Bernie’s baking journey began during childhood when she started baking in the kitchen with her grandmother and mother. They used the finest ingredients, and time-tested recipes. Now, you can have the delight of tasting them!

A wide range of American Style Baked goods are available, including apple pie, cupcakes, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, lemon cake, pumpkin cake, and chocolate cake. Yum!

Another wonderful, charitable thing about TH Bakes is that it also teaches and provides a life skill to woman challenged by life.

More information and a full menu of what’s on offer can be found on the TH Bakes website. (Scroll down the menu for cakes, fancy cakes, cupcakes, and cookies). You can also Like TH Bakes on Facebook.

Orders can be placed by:

1. Emailing Bernie at either info@tenderhands.org or order@thbakes.com

2. SMS or Call an order to 98707 66962 or 98707 66963.

The next delivery to Powai is on Saturday June 19th, 2010.

A couple of reviews:

“I love the cakes and cupcakes from TH Bakes. They use the freshest
ingredients and you can tell from the quality of their product. It
tastes just as good as any cake you can get from a bakery in the
USA. After having their cakes, I won’t purchase my cakes from any
other store.”

Rebecca Thompson

The TH Bakes cupcakes are the yummiest in Mumbai. The cupcakes are
fresh and taste just like they would from a bakery in New York. We
love the fact that the profits from the business go back to
supporting under-privileged kids in Mumbai. Good job guys!”

Sarah Drysdale