clip_image013Hi Friends, I’m back! This week I have an easy assignment, but it’s great fun. Last time I signed off saying we’ll make another lamp. Hey, let’s keep that for later. Let us not overdose on lamps and other lighted objects!

So I was on a fruit and fruit juice diet, it being summer and all. I just can’t seem to eat anything cooked. Or spicy. Can you? Can anybody? And so I drank juices to my heart’s content. Fresh juices and packed juices. And guess what, I now find myself saddled with so many TETRA PAKS!!!

Do you know what goes into making a Tetra Pak?

The exact composition of Tetra Pak carton is: paperboard (75 per cent), food grade polyethylene plastic (20 per cent), and aluminum foil (5 per cent). Paper gives the carton strength. Polyethylene plastic gives the carton a tight seal, keeps out bacteria, and is used as a bonding agent to keep the various layers together. Aluminum foil keeps out air, light and odours, all of which can cause contents to deteriorate. From the outside to inside, there are 6 layers in all: polyethylene, paper, polyethylene, aluminum, polyethylene, polyethylene (which is the product contact surface).


Tetra Paks are very easy to recycle. There are many initiatives started by the company itself. Check this out if you want to know more.


But what I like most is that these sturdy and waterproof cartons can be recycled in our very own homes into some creative and useful everyday objects.

So getting back to my original problem- too many Tetra paks lying around…

I also realized that I do not have any flowerpots at home!!! I mean, I do have a nice garden and all, with lovely flowers, which I don’t pluck… but it’s nice to decorate your home once in a while right?

So here we have this week’s ART PROJECT!


You will need

  • 1 litre Tetrapak
  • Scissors, sharp serrated knife
  • Acrylic colours
  • Paint brushes
  • Rag cloth & water
  • A vivid imagination!

Method: Cut off the top of the carton and wash the insides thoroughly with water. Wipe dry with cloth. Paint 2 coats with acrylic colour of your choice. After the base coat dries up, you can paint designs, patterns of your choice- I have painted a shaded rough brush pattern to match the décor and colours of my room. After this dries up, add water into the Tetra Pak. Choose the most beautiful flower from your garden and make a lovely arrangement. Wait for a shower of compliments from your parents/ elders!

It’s so easy to do na?

clip_image003 Pic1: What you’ll need

clip_image005 Pic 2. Cut off the top of carton

clip_image007 Pic 3. Shaded rough brush pattern

clip_image009 Pic 4. Fill the carton with water

clip_image011 clip_image013

Pic 5. The centre of attraction!

{This article was written by Bina Nayak, she is a graphic designer,copywriter, painter and a papier machie expert.

To know more about her check out http://binanayak.com and http://paperbakerie.com }