r88 Teenagers of Powai Mumbai Decided to initiate a great contribution for the nation.The Dawn of 23rd August witnessed a new era of responsible citizens. 16-19 age group teenagers gathered at Powai English High School to make the underprivileged masses computer literate. Those Young gathered in formal bright white shirt and tie. Lot of Young Females where also a part of the team. Lot of kids were already invited for the computer education camp previous day and around 11 am slowly the kids creeped in. It was amazing to see the kids and even the toddlers having the interest to learn computers.

A small orientation lecture was kept for each batch of students prior to the entry in the computer lab. The teachers and peon of the school also helped managing the programme. More than Hundred of people became Computer literate.
Along with Free computer education, the kids also got a big smile on their face which is also a mission of the company i.e Self development and well being.
It was a complete bliss to watch people from age groups coming for the camp and showing their interest in learning Computers. It included even housewives, shop owners, and more adults who turned up at the camp. Of course those small kids made a quite lof of noise but passion knows all answers. The Excite was worth watching by the kids. Around a total of exact 123 people became Computer Literate through this mission and it ended with a big celebration.

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