Summertime means long days of sunshine, tall glasses of chilled nimbupani, and the shrieks of kids playing all afternoon- thanks to vacations. Summer is a great time for kids but a bit of a bother for parents- mommies especially. “How does one keep the brats busy and out of trouble, and out of my hair!” is the question uppermost in every mom’s mind.

Starting this week, we plan to make every parent’s life easier. By giving you simple and easy to follow hobby ideas to keep your kids occupied. Even your kids can log on to this website and follow them. You can do these assignments together, or get your kids to gather their friends and try them out on their own. And hey! No need to spend money on fancy (and expensive Art/ Hobby classes)

Parent supervision is advisable in the beginning. We have used simple material. We also favour recycling household stuff like plastic bottles, paper plates, etc- so you will find them used in most of the hobby projects that we will feature the entire summer.

We kick off with 2 assignments- one for older kids and one for the tiny tots.

String lamp Shade- Self standing type (Project I): Age 10+

Lady Bugs made from Rocks (Project II): Age 4+

STRING LAMPSHADE: Suitable for ages 10+


You will need:

1) The metal skeleton frame of an old lampshade (Rip off its old tattered/ dusty cloth or plastic/ paper covering- Please do not rip off the cover of a brand new one!!!) The lamp holder and bulb on it should be functioning.

2) Knitting wool string in all your favourite colours

3) Scissors

4) Fevicol

5) Paint & Brushes


Method 1 (For lampshade in a single colour- of your choice)

1) Choose your favorite colour wool (we have chosen white for our assignment. Coloured wool will let out a coloured light)

2) Take the lampshade off the stand and get somebody to hold it for you.

3) Cut 2-3 meters of wool string. Tie one end to the top ring of lampshade. Pull it till it is taut and tie a knot at the bottom ring of lampshade (See close up)

4) Pull string up again and tie to the top ring, then to the bottom. Repeat till string is coming to an end. Tie a double knot and cut with scissor.

5) Repeat the procedure till lampshade is covered fully. Pull up the tiny bits of string left hanging after cutting off with scissor, and paste them on the inside of lampshade frame with Fevicol.

6) Place lampshade on holder and switch on light for beautiful light patterns on wall.

You can make this more interesting!

1) Paint patterns on strings with acrylic paints (Ex. Geometric shapes, Flowers, figures)



2) Stick pieces of mirror (taken from mirror work of your old Navratri skirts, or from cushions etc) on the inside and on the outside, with fevicol. This will look beautiful when light reflects off it.

3) Instead of using a straight string tie-up method, do a criss-cross string tie up pattern. In a single colour or in multi colours.





You will need:

1) Small and medium (3-4 inches) sized smooth rounded rocks (Black or preferably white) these can be purchased from plant nurseries, or they can be found near river beds

2) Fevicryl Acrylic Paint (bottles) or Camlin Artists Acrylic paint (tubes). Paint brushes. Turpentine/ Kerosene for cleaning brushes.

3) Touchwood wood finish (Optional)


1) Completely wash and dry all rocks.

2) Paint rocks in desired colors, allow to dry. Apply second and third coats if needed. Lighter colors will require more coats than darker shades.

3) Paint dots and head and the dividing wing-line in black paint. Let dry.

4) Stick beady eyes (or just paint them)

5) After this is completely dried up- coat with 2 coats of Wood Finish clear varnish- this will give it a shiny look and keep the paint permanently.

Next week, we will create a lamp from scratch- more interesting than this one! It will be a ‘hanging from ceiling’ type of lamp. You will need thick embroidery coloured threads (Skein) or wool. Balloon & Fevicol. Keep these handy.

Bina Nayak

Bina is a graphic designer by profession and the mother of a 12 yr old who gets bored easily. She is a BFA from Sir JJ School of Art. She loves to do papier machie


For advanced workshops on Papier Machie (strictly 13yrs and abo
ve- but not as a summer hobby class!), please contact her at 9881491339