by Shyamala Vishakh

Let me begin by giving a small introduction to Sukshma Vyayam. A meditative form of exercise ‘Sukshma’ means ‘subtle’. So, these are very subtle and extremely effective, aiming to strengthen every part of the body, especially the internal organs and hormone producing glands. The toning and weight loss that happens, is typically a welcome by-product of this ancient exercise form.


Maharishi Karthikeya ji a mystic and accomplished yogi is said to have practiced it in the sacred abodes of the Himalayas. He decided to simplify a lot of his learnings into a ‘sukshma’ form to benefit maximum people. He came down to the plains in Northern India to spread the knowledge to a group of dedicated disciples. In the year 1953 he entered Maha-Samadhi, at Ayodhya. It is generally believed that he was 335 years old at that time.

One of the Maharishi’s disciples was Yogi Dhirendra Bhrahmachari, Mrs.Indira Gandhi’s yoga Guru. A certain Mr.Dikshitalu from Andhra was suffering from severe ailments and approached Yogi Brahmachari for help. Dhirendra ji just told Dikshitalu that if he can stand on his feet he will be able to practice Sukshma and no other qualifications are required. And that dear reader, is the greatest power of Sukshma.

Dikshitulu, went on to live up to the grand age of 96 years and taught this exercise form to several others including CSR Prabhu – Director NIIT.

A resident from Lake Castle learnt it from him and is now guiding others in the jungle park every day from 8:00 am to 9:15 am. Thus started the SSG ( Sukshma Surya Group) of Powai.

About Sukshma Vyayam

A complete exercise from head to toe, it can help regulate B.P. sugar levels, and activates the glands to control Thyroid hormone. A cure for chronic aches and pains, debilitating headaches like migraines, acidity, stomach related issues such as constipation; it also nips several age-related problems like arthritis and dementia in the bud. A regular practice can prevent you from ever catching these. Do you know of any exercise form that strengthens your inner ear? Sukshma does!
The SSG is now a close-knit group of around 25 members who function like a family, with everyone helping and supporting each other. The group constantly motivates and if anyone has a concern or issue that is bothering them, they pray for each other using a technique called ‘Silva mind Control’. As a matter of fact, if participants are under the weather for some reason, which is very rare, they still end up attending the sessions, to feel the positive vibes.

After their Sukshma Vyayam they practice Surya Namaskar and on alternate days they work on extensive core work-outs.

Be a part of the group:

Yet another proof that most precious things in life are free of cost, these classes are free. Age, gender, religion, caste, creed and color no bar. And yes, ability to stand on two legs is sufficient. It is a fact that people with physical issues/concerns are the ones who receive the maximum benefit.


Here’s how the members have benefited

Rani Ji – Our senior most member, who before joining the class was finding it difficult to walk around the park, now routinely goes to malls with her grand-daughters and is able to match their pace!

Mridula – Got rid of a chronic shoulder pain and is thankful to Sukshma Vyayam for it.
If you too are ready to embark on this transforming journey – you are most welcome.

Join us at Jungle Park behind Forest Club at 8 am.