Sujatha Palace (popularly known as SP) is restaurant opposite the main gate of the IIT Bombay Campus, in Powai. The place is frequented by the students of the campus as well as the local politicians and mafia. People in and around Powai usually get food delivered from the restaurant. The restaurant is known for its seafood, especially among it’s non-student clientèle. The chicken biryani and starters, along with alcoholic beverages are more popular among the students.


The restaurant has both airconditioned and non-airconditioned sections with seating capacities for 16 people in the non-airconditioned section and 28 people in the airconditioned section. Hindi music is played in the background.


The chicken biryani is popular among the student population, which forms a bulk of the clientèle. Also popular are the veg biryani and egg biryani. Chilly chicken is another popular starter. Among the seafood, fish tawa and fish curry rice are popular, along with the surmai fry.



They have a regular selection of beer and liquor. Kingfisher and Canon 10000 are the more popular beers.


Must Haves



The people manning SP are fairly efficient, but don’t expect Jeeves-esque waiters. You will be served beverages pretty quickly, but you might have to wait a while for the food. It is a good idea to ask the the waiter for a time estimate when ordering and order all the food in one go. Of course, this is only during the peak hours 9 PM to 11 PM. It also helps if you are on a regular and know the waiters’ names. But be prepared to have the light from the 200 W bulb directed to your face when its time to shut shop.


Best place for

  • Drinking after exams.
  • Friday evenings, if you can get a table.





Sujatha Palace
Opposite IIT Bombay Main Gate