CAVOK  (CAV OH KAY)  Training Facilities: We are the podium you are the talent. We bring you a space to realise your potential and set those wheels in motion. We don’t merely bring you a room; we bring you an avenue to accomplish all those things that you believe you could only if you had the place to do so. We are that opportunity!
Nestled in a safe and pleasant residential enviorment, we are isolated from the hustle bustle of street traffic yet providing the convenience of being at a stone’s throw from Hiranadani Gardens, Raheja Vihar, Nahar Amrit Shakti, Lake Homes and Saki Naka.  Round the clock guards are present to ensure your security. There is a mini cafeteria to take care of those odd hour hunger pangs and an assortment of full-fledged meal options just around the corner.
A spacious room with the comfortable seating for 25-30 students/professionals/attendees with all modern training amenities welcomes you.

What we have to offer?

·         Air conditioned Training Room
·         Projection system
·         Whiteboards
·         Washrooms
·         Drinking water/Tea/Coffee facilities
·         Fully equipped & running office
·         State of the art interiors
·         Wi-fi connection
·         Convenient location (within 2 km from Hiranandani Gardens Powai and even lesser from Lake Homes, Nahar Amrit Shakti and Raheja Vihar)

Prospects for this venue?

·         Soft skills training
·         Career counselling
·         Image Management Classes
·         Seminars/ workshops
·         Tutorials
·         Language classes
·         Personal grooming & personality development sessions
·         Management Oriented courses

·         What is the catch?

Incidentally there is none. We offer you all this at competitive rates fixed on hourly basis, where you “pay as you use”!


Tanya Deshpande
CAVOK Training Facilities
105 Srishti Plaza,
Off Saki Vihar Road,
Mumbai 400072