By V.N. Gopalakrishnan

The 20th anniversary function of Sree Subhananda Ashram, on the JVLR Road, Powai was held on May 1, 2017. Swami Salguna Sheelan presided over function and Adv. Padma Divakaran inaugurated. Shri.V.N.Gopalakrishnan,Journalist and Shri. Rajendran Padiyur spoke on the occasion. Representatives from the Ashrams of Ambernath and Saki Naka also addressed the gathering. Shri. Viswaraj Nair welcomed the guests.

Shri. V.N. Gopalakrishnan referred to the milestones in the life of Sree Subhananda Guru who founded Subhananda Ashram (Abode of Peace and Ecstasy) and Atma Bodhodaya Sangham (Organization to Enlighten Wisdom) in Kerala. “The theosophy of the Atma Bodhodaya Sangham is that without caste, creed, religion, region or gender, anyone can attain Moksha (Salvation) through Namasankeertana (Recitation of Holy Names) by strict adherence to Sathya Upadesh, Janmanthara Jnanopadesh (spiritual instruction) and Kaliyuga Moksha Vyavastha which reveals all eternal ecstasy. He stated that Sree Subhananda Guru established a new spiritual order with its own rituals, rules and regulations besides condemning religious dogmas and superstitions.

There are over 50 Ashrams and 33 branches of the Atma Bodhodaya Sangham in different parts of Kerala including New Delhi and Mumbai. The disciples and devotees carry out social service activities to the under-privileged children, aged and the handicapped. Ashrams in Mumbai are also rendering service to the needy people.